Discuss The Meaning Of The Following Selections A The Universe Is A Macrocosm Of Cre 2370199

Discuss the meaning of the following selections:

a. The universe is a macrocosm of creative energy and power, and every man, woman, and child is the epitome of this totality of the cosmos. Within your individualized energy field, the microcosm called you, are twenty-two Causal Powers, or angels, that control your conscious behavior and govern the manifestation of all forms and experiences in your personal life.

b. What is remarkable about the nervous system of the human species is that it can command this infinite organizing power through conscious intent. Intent in the human species is not fixed or locked into a rigid network of energy and information. It has infinite flexibility. In other words, as long as you do not violate the other laws of nature, through your intent you can literally command the laws of nature to fulfill your dreams and desires

c. Every plant has an aura, the invisible charge of energy that exists around all things. It is the refracted and reflected light from electrical impulses, heat, and vapor of the object. Or put another way, it is simply light dancing around, inside, and off all things.

d. The Pleiadians are back from the future to give us a broader perspective on “the absurd times” we live in. They explain how we are fragmented and cut off from our connection to the whole of life. The crucial test for us will be to shift from lineal thinking to a multidimensional perspective and expand our understanding of the frequency of love—the gateway to freeing ourselves.

e. When advice from your angel is incorrect, it ain’t your angel. Messages that prove misleading or untrue are due to desire or fear that was not released before you began talking with your heavenly helper. You’re aware, of course, that any situation has the likelihood of multiple outcomes.