Discussion 1 You Work On A Team Of Four Budget Analysts Responsible For Preparin

Discussion 1

You work on a team of four budget analysts responsible for preparing the organization’s budget.  The budget is prepared at the same time each year and involves gathering and compiling input from several departments.  The job usually takes four months to complete.  One month before the final budget presentation is due, two of your team members quit, and your manager designates you as the team leader. 

What steps would you take to minimize the inevitable stress that the remaining team members would experience because of this situation?  How might your individual personality influence the actions that you take when attempting to maintain calm?

Discussion Question 2

Increased competitiveness in today’s volatile environment may force companies to restructure or reorganize.  This may include introducing new technology, reorganizing the structure of the company, or both.  Restructuring the company may force the company to downsize some areas of its operations, while aggressively expanding in other areas.  Describe three (3) in which the company can minimize resistance to change? Be specific in your response.

Be sure to use appropriate grammar/spelling, and cite all sources in APA format.  Each discussion should be a minimum of 250 words.