Discussion 4 1 Respond To The Following Statement In Your Textbook Art Enhances

Discussion 4

1. Respond to the following statement in your textbook: “Art enhances our world” (79).

2. One question which pervades the entire chapter on art is what makes, what has always made, the visual arts so valuable, so essential to human beings.  In other  words, why do you think human society places such a premium on paintings like DaVinci’s Mona Lisa or sculpture like Michelangelo’s David?

3. Chapter 5 shows the changes in art throughout the ages—for example, from idealism to realism to superrealism, from religious to secular, from classical art to pop art. What common elements do you find in these various modes of expression and movements in the development of art?  Be as specific as possible.

4. Try to remember  your earliest experiences with music– lullabies perhaps.  Do you believe that music was in any way helping to shape you even then?  Explain, with specifics.

5. Why do jazz musicians admire Bach?

6. Explain how the Beatles completely transformed popular music.

7. After reading the textbook’s chapter on music, explain why you think some of the musical “greats” like Beethoven and Bach continue to be honored.

8.  What are two major points Gordon Graham is making in his discussion on art?  Explain whether you agree or disagree–and tell why.

9.  From “The Philosophy of Music,” respond to what is said about music’s emotional connection.