Discussion1 1

Discussion1.1: Developing Your Sociological Imagination Using The Everyday Sociology Blog

Check out the Everyday Sociology Blog to read some blog posts by sociologists to see what kinds of social issues can be examined sociologically. On the right hand side of the home page is a list of categories and subjects. Click on one of interest to you and check out some of the articles. Select one to read and consider how this topic is being examined sociologically. When you have finished reading the article, post to the group discussion and respond to the following questions.


1- Describe the topic and article that you read.

2- How does the author of the blog approach the topic sociologically? What larger social connections were made?

3- Did the article include a discussion of research? If so, how was the topic researched?

4- How did the article get you to think about the topic in a different way? How does the sociological perspective (imagination) used in this blog entry differ from the common-sense, everyday perspective that you are used to using?

5- Throughout the course you will be asked to examine and analyze concepts using your “sociological imagination.” What does it mean to have a sociological imagination? How can you benefit from this way of thinking about your social world?