Do Supreme Court Justices Politics Influence Their Decisions

                                                                      Do Supreme Court Justices’ Politics Influence their Decisions? 

Step 1

Go to  and review the eight justices and the president who appointed them. Then review any five recent cases decided by the Supreme Court and analyze the breakdown of the court.

Step 2

Answer the following questions:

Do the politics of Supreme Court Justices seem to influence their decision?

They are supposed to be a neutral, non-partisan branch, but do you see any evidence of political decision making? 

Do the justices appointed by Republican Presidents seems to vote together on cases while the justices appointed be Democratic Presidents seem to vote together on cases? Or, are there mostly unanimous votes where all agree?

BUSINESS ETHICSDo Supreme Court Justices’ Politics Influencetheir Decisions?Step 1Go to and review the eight justices and the president whoappointed them. Then review any…