Download The Excel Spreadsheet Bumpus Xls For This Question

  1. Download the Excel spreadsheet Bumpus.xls for this question. In 1898, Hermon Bumpus studied a number of house sparrows that were brought to the Anatomical Laboratory of Brown University after an uncommonly severe winter storm. 35 birds survived and 24 perished.
  2. In the spreadsheet, the weights of birds in grams (g) are given.
  3. Is there a significant difference between the weights of the sparrows that perished and the weights of the sparrows that survived?
  4. Using a t-test of independent samples (let alpha = 0.05), answer the following.

t =  

df = 

Critical value of t =  (hint: this is a two-tailed test)

Should you reject the null hypothesis? (yes or no)