Downloading To See How Much Of A Difference Time Of Day Made On The Speed At Which H 2137663

Downloading. To see how much of a difference time of day made on the speed at which he could download files, a college sophomore performed an experiment. He placed a file on a remote server and then proceeded to download it at three different time periods of the day. He downloaded the file 48 times in all, 16 times at each Time of Day, and recorded the Time in seconds that the download took.

a) State the null and alternative hypotheses, being careful to talk about download Time and Time of Day as well as parameters.

b) Perform an ANOVA on these data. What can you conclude?

c) Check the assumptions and conditions for an ANOVA. Do you have any concerns about the experimental design or the analysis?

d) Perform a multiple comparisons test to determine which times of day differ in terms of mean download time.