Dq1w2ans Jodi


The ability to stay focused and prioritize the med pass as distractions continue to occur in the middle of it is critical to safety and also has its set of challenges through all areas of nursing.  The demand for the nurses attention is usually always more than they have to give and this can be compounded by staff that do not possess critical thinking skills and ask questions before processing through information first.  The nurse is responsible to multi task while using EBP and critical thinking skills in a flurry of never ending activity.  I enjoy the end result when all care and tasks are complete for your assignment and the feeling of accomplishment throughout the med pass or other duties that relate to your daily tasks.  I also enjoy the ability to mentor other staff members that may have been the ones asking multiple qustions that were in the realm of their capacity to problem solve.  The amount of work that a nurse can complete when demands continue to barrage you are incomprehensible at times.  These are days that I am proud to be a nurse and possess critical thinking skills.