During The 1920 S Some Journalists Reactingagainst The Excesses Of Some Tabloids

1. During the 1920’s, some journalists reactingagainst the excesses of some tabloids, founded

2. The Broadcasting Code of Good Practice was introduced by

3. Which of these is not a typical source of informalmedia control

4. If your paper had one, you might go to with a complaint about the paper.

5. The best known media originated feedback system in newspapers and magazines is connected with

7. The one dominant ratings system that determines

total television viewing patterns is the_________________

15. Philosophies and standard of operations for most local TV and radio stations have what is known as a .

18. Feedback in the movie industry is reported inthis trade publication.

20. A typical teen in 2008 spent about 9 hours a week________________________.

20. Defamation in written words in order to injure one’s reputation is known as

a. libel.

b. slander.

c. both “a” and “b”

d. none of the above

MATCHING: Match the following.

21. Stimulation Theory

22. Crystallization

23. Copyright

24. Golden Mean

25. V-Chipa. legal protection for author

b. block unwanted programming

c. violent behavior

d. key to virtue

e. predisposition