During The 1992 Campaign For President Bill Clinton S Chief Strategist James Carvill 3653587

Can I please have assistance with the following assignment: One Page APA

During the 1992 campaign for President, Bill Clinton’s chief strategist James Carville kept the team focused with simple messages. The year 1992 was fraught with economic recession and other issues, but James Carville wanted (then) Governor Clinton to remember how the economy resonated with the American people. The expression has since become part of the American lexicon to get one to focus on an issue.Fast forward to 2008 and (then) Senator Barack Obama’s “Hope and Change” message. Again, boiling down a presidential campaign in simple terms. Fast forward again to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign message primarily about the economy, “Make American Great Again.”

This is some of the take away from the need for mission and vision statements. In your submission, combine your readings and lecture material with your experiences, how do you make complex issues a simple and easily understood message? How do you, in turn, articulate it so that others get the message as you intended?