During The Third Week Of February The Syrian Regime S Warplanes Bombed The Rebel

During the third week of February, the Syrian regime’s warplanes bombed the rebel stronghold of Eastern Ghouta which resulted in the deaths of at least 520 and injured more than 4,000 civilians, including children. In the wake of this alleged war crime, the United Nations Security Council on February 24, 2018, passed a resolution calling for a 30 day ceasefire so that humanitarian aid could be delivered to the besieged city. However, since the ceasefire, over 100 civilians have been killed by security forces and humanitarian aid has not been allowed to come in. Does this paralysis of the United Nations and the international community imply that the UN has failed to keep the peace and is an ineffective entity which serves no good? Can or should there be an alternative to the United Nations? If so, what would that alternative look like?