Each Project Manager Has A Group They Feel Is Essential To Project Success This 1

Each project manager has a group they feel is essential to project success. This is called an “A-Team.” That team will have to interface with stakeholders throughout the life of the project. Compare your ideal “A-Team” to a team that you have recently been on. Speculate as to why your ideal “A-Team” might have been more successful engaging with stakeholders and why, in general, you believe an “A-team” is essential to project success.

Incorporate and cite a minimum of two current credible references using APA format, post a minimum of 200-350 words for your initial discussion post.

The textbook used is Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success. Recommended reading is Chapter 5 in The PMI Guide to Business Analysis and Byatt, G., Hamilton, G., & Hodgkinson, J. (2012, December 19). Tips on stakeholder management. PM Times. 

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