Edit And Revised My Third Journal Entry Three Went Very Good Better Than The Pre

edit and revised

My third journal entry three went very good better than the previous ones because I’m getting good effective communication scripts with my partner and both are open to answer the questions and we are not scared to share. The challenges I face before doing the journal was getting my partner to answer me since she got a busy schedule and I was concern if she was going to answer me or even help me with the journal. In the middle of the journal it was hard knowing which question I was going to answer and in the same time I didn’t want to be “to personal sharing information” about me and being too emotional with my partner. Another problem is I got lost with the questions and I have to go back and read over again to myself. My partner didn’t answer the statement fully detailed and I have to go back and ask again to our effort to the explanation. After the journal. I didn’t have three pages per questions and I needed to go back and check which questions I can get more information. One piece of information I learn is I complain about things that is not important when my journal partner have real problems that even I will not be able to face.

      One health communication that we need to improve in our relationship is have better communication skills and do the things we use to do, right now I feel we haven’t have the same conversation that we use to have (I don’t know what are the factors of not hanging together it can be we are busy and we don’t have time or it can be are getting older and we have more responsibilities).In the journal I think we are not putting effort meaning at the first journal entry we both  were excited to talk about the same question throughout the journal and now I feel we talk about one question and we don’t go back to the same question throughout the journal. What we can do for our first problem in our relationship is we need to find a time to see how we are going to hang up and spend time together and since she’s always with her boyfriend we can find at least two Saturday spend together. For the journal we can on person and come how we are going to put enough detail and be excited to answer the question and not seem an obligation than fun for my partner to answer the questions.

My third journal entry three went very well, even better than the previous ones. The reason wasthat I was getting good effective communication scripts with my partner. We were both open to answer…