Editor Judith Raiskin S Cover A Variety Of Topics Such As Historical Background

Editor Judith Raiskin’s cover a variety of topics, such as historical background, intertextual references*, language and culture, autobiographical connections, and more. I want you to choose a single topic, do some additional research, and write a thesis-driven essay.

Use the library database to find at least one other source to add to your understanding of the topic.  These can be other articles about the novel, the author, the setting, the time period, the culture, the history, the language, or any of the embedded texts (intertextual references), etc.  Create an argument of your own on your chosen topic, using the book, endnotes, and the additional research you’ve done.  

Some especially helpful databases for literary analyses, language, or intertextual references are JSTOR, OED, or Gale Literature Resources.   

If you choose to look at cultural/political/historical background you may want to look at a more traditional database, like EBSCOHost or ProQuest where you can type in your topic (such as “Obeah” or “British rule” or “marriage laws”) and “Jamaica” or “British Colonies” or whatever.


5-7 pages

MLA Format: Times New Roman, 12pt font, Double-spaced

Minimum of one outside source

Original Title

In-text citations and Works Cited

Evaluation criteria:

An introduction that provides background information on your topic

 A clearly stated thesis

 Sufficient and relevant evidence from the play

Well-organized paragraphs

Careful analysis of evidence

Mechanics (sentence boundaries, spelling, grammar)

MLA citations (cite as if you had a copy of the book)