Eece 4710 Computer Architecture 3 Assignment 41 Consider The Assembly Snippet Shown 2652045

EECE 4710 – Computer Architecture (3)Assignment 41. Consider the assembly snippet shown.1 L.D F6, 32(R2) ; L.D takes 1 cycle2 L.D F2, 44(R3) ;3 MUL.D F0, F2, F4 ; 6 cycles4 SUB.D F8, F2, F6 ; 2 cycles5 DIV.D F10, F0, F6 ; 12 cycles6 ADD.D F6, F8, F2 ; 2 cyclesIt is assumed that after the first load instruction, the memory is busy and not available to theprocessor at least at the 6th cycle. At the 6th cycle, the tables are shown ([Rx] means thecontent of register Rx):a. At the 20th cycle, the second load just placed the data on the CDB. Therefore, at 21stcycle, reservation station 102 is released and instructions that require the second loadresult get the result from the CDB and start execution of their respective operations. Showthe table at the 21th clock cycle.