Electronic Tools For Specific Diseases Such As Diabetes Heart Issues Obesity Congeni 2860418

Electronic tools for specific diseases, such as diabetes, heart issues, obesity, congenital issues, or other chronic diseases

· Any type of infectious disease, including HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis; think in terms of surveillance and early detection

· Patient portals

· Internet support groups

· Leveraging mobile devices that link to EHRs

· Use of e-mail linked to EHRs or any other type of communication method.

· Home monitoring systems

· Virtual Critical Care units

Note:Other issues may be chosen with instructor approval.

Writea 750- to 1,500-word paper regarding how this issue can help with early detection and prevention.

Citeat least 3 references that support your position. 1 reference should be a course textbook and the others should be outside sources.