Emiel S First Life Insurance Purchase Was Whole Life A Putting Yourself If The Shoes 2380882

Emiel s first life insurance purchase was whole life.

(a) Putting yourself if the shoes of the insurance agent who sold Emiel those two policies for a combined death benefit of $1,500, describe the logic you used to help Emiel select that type of life insurance.

(b) Again, as Emiel s insurance agent, describe how Emiel s family history impacted your recommendation that he purchase whole life protection.

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Which is the Best Kind?A true life and health insurance story as told byJeff ChokreffState Farm Sales Leader, Uniontown, OHI’d like to introduce you to three men, each with their own story and their own set of life challenges. Through their stories, we’ll explore some of the real issues we all face.Emiel Joe BillThis picture was taken circa 1945 on a big day for Emiel, my grandfather. His steers had just won the grand-champion, the reserve grand-champion and runner-up at the county fair.Emiel, as I said, is my grandfather, and Bill is his brother. Emiel’s and Bill’s father died at the very young age of 32. Emiel, being the oldest, had to quit school at 15 to work the family farm and help raise his siblings – three brothers (including Bill) and three sisters. Emiel worked the family farm his entire life.Bill, however, went off to college – to Kent State University as a matter of fact. Back home, the brothers’ good friend, Joe, married their sister Lydia, and stayed in town where Joe became a very successful business man, at times partnering on projects with his brother, George.This is Bill as shown in a Kent State Athletics newsletter in 1979, the year he was inducted into the KSU Hall of Fame. As you can see, he was, “one of the most lettered KSU athletes”, involved in football, basketball, baseball and track and field.