Es Chem115 Chem Hith Sci L 012 Sp2 2019 Week 4 Lab Quiz 2 A Student Obtains The

PLEase help lab quiz what is the answer. pLEASE answer ASAP

es / CHEM115 Chem Hith Sci/L (012) SP2 2019 / Week 4 / Lab Quiz #2A student obtains the following data:a- Mass of evaporating dish21.345 gb- Mass of evaporating dish and saturated NaCl solution 42.817 gc- Mass of dish and NaCl after evaporation38.915 gReport the Mass % of NaCl in this solution. Write the number as a percentagewith the correct number of significant figures as shown. (i.e. 25%) There shouldbe no space between the numbers and the % sign.Answer:CheckNext pageJump to…CHAT ACOACH