Evaluate Multiuser Communication And Resource Sharing Techniques Apply The Technique 3100732

e. Evaluate multiuser communication and resource sharing techniques;
f. Apply the techniques of, and report on, digital communication applications using
Matlab and hardware devices.
Assignment Description
The assignment has two (2) parts.
– Part-A is targeted to test the problem based learning and research based skill of the students;
– Part-B is targeted to test simulation skill of the students.
Note: Students should work in teams of four (4) students each. Every student should find a team
mate. Students are encouraged to work with even people they are not accustomed to.
Purpose of this part of the assessment:
The purpose of this assignment is to motivate students to understand the importance of multiuser
resource allocation techniques employed in the uplink of modern digital communication networks
using wireless medium for information transmission. Students also develop skills in information
gathering and technical documentation.
Description of the assessment:
Digital communication networks are usually accessed and used by multiple users at the same time.
As the resources are finite and cannot serve all users seeking access to them at a given time, multiuser
schemes are used for resource assignment. There are different competing resource allocation
schemes in the uplink (i.e. from user to the network) which are generally called multiple access or
multiuser schemes.
This task requires students to study and critique the multiuser resource allocation schemes used in
the uplink of modern technologies: LTE-Advanced, LTE, Mobile WIMAX, CDMA2000, WCDMA and
This assignment exposes the student to a real-world applications of digital communication in mobile
wireless communication. In doing so the student shall acquire skills to understand the real-world
requirements, critically review the existing techniques and write a technical report based on his or
her investigation.
The requirements are found in the suggested approach, submission guideline and in the marking
criteria table below: