Exercise Kayak Has Become A Publicly Traded Company In July 2012 Modify If Neces

Kayak has become a publicly traded company in July 2012. This exercise asks you to forecast its free cash flow and discuss risks the company was facing right after the IPO (please ignore its later acquisition by Priceline). Modify if necessary the template below or create your own template.a) download 2008-2011 historical financial data for Kayak, using one of the sources listed in Course Content (you may enter number in the template or create your own). If you have trouble finding 2008-2011 data, use information from company’s Prospectus (Form 424B4) filed with SEC. Some items might be available for only most recent years; b) Based on historical financial data calculate ratios that to be used later in pro-forma financial statements (revenue growth, gross margin etc.) c) Using historical data from a) and ratios from b) create pro-forma statements as of July 2012, when full 2012 information was not available;d) Estimate free cash flows FCF for 2012-2016e) What risks is the company facing? Discuss, how its tornado diagram would look like .Build the diagram itself.