Explain The Importance Of The Application Of Relationship Marketing To Effective Bus 2914577

Learning Outcomes Tested in this Assignment: 1. Explain the importance of the application of relationship marketing to effective business management 2. Build and maintain successful relationships with internal and external customers, suppliers, agents, distributors and other stakeholders 3. Evaluate and propose appropriate solutions to specific relationship problems in a diverse range of settings and contexts. 4. Understand the nature and role of selling and that of the sales manager in identifying evaluating prospects 5. and customers the company wishes to target. 6. Understand the various elements that affect and influence service operations and quality and be able to make relevant recommendations 7. Evaluate the role and functions of the key account manager or customer relationship manager in enhancing the business relationship 8. To identify and evaluate the key tasks involved in selling and demonstrate a range of techniques for achieving sales and building a relationship. Grading & Marking Criteria 80 + Outstanding work of exceptional merit which is original in content or approach allowing a novel perspective, going beyond what is available in the literature. 70 – 79 Work which is clearly articulated and well substantiated, based on extensive reading, and demonstrates an authoritative grasp of the concepts, methodology and content appropriate to the subject and to the assessed task. There is clear evidence of originality and insight and an ability to sustain an argument, to think analytically and/or critically and to synthesise material effectively. 60 – 69 Work which demonstrates a very good level of understanding of the concepts, methodology and content appropriate to the subject and which draws on a wide range of properly referenced sources. There is clear evidence of critical judgment in selecting, ordering and analysing content. The work demonstrates some ability to synthesise material and to construct responses which reveal insight and may offer some occasional originality. 50 – 59 Work derived from a solid basis of reading and which demonstrates a grasp of relevant material and key concepts and an ability to structure and organise arguments. The performance may be rather routine but the work will be accurate, clearly written and include some critical analysis and a modest degree of original insight. There will be no serious omissions or irrelevancies. 40 – 49 Competent and suitably organised work which demonstrates a reasonable level of understanding with minimal analysis and interpretation. It covers the basic subject matter adequately but is too descriptive and insufficiently analytical. There may be some misunderstanding of key concepts and limitations in the ability to select relevant material so that the work may be flawed by some omissions and irrelevancies. There will be some evidence of appropriate reading but it may be too narrowly focused.