Explain The Progressive Era What Were The Major Issues For The Progressive Movem

Explain the Progressive Era. What were the major issues for the Progressive movement? Who were the major figures in this movement? Who opposed them, and why? What successes did the Progressives enjoy, and what failures did they suffer? In the end, how successful was this movement?

Discuss the role of the United States in World War I. What conditions in Europe led to war, and who were the opposing sides? How did the US initially respond to the war in Europe? Why did the Americans finally get involved? How did their entrance affect the course of the war? What were the results at the end of the war?

Examine the economic prosperity of the United States after World War I. Why was the US prosperous, and in what areas? Was this prosperity a global phenomenon? Did everyone in the country experience prosperity? Why or why not? Were dark clouds of economic catastrophe looming by the end of the 1920s? What were they?

Explore the Great Depression in the United States, 1929-1941. What were its root causes? What were the specific events that led to financial collapse? How did the government first react to the situation? Who offered an alternative? What did he propose? How successful was he, and did anyone object to his policies? In the end, what ended the Depression, and why?

Explain the crisis known as World War II. Why did it begin, and who were the major antagonists? What was the US role in the war at its beginning? Against whom did the US fight? What turned the tide of war in the USâ favor? What was the result of the war?