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Applied Project
The applied project accounts for 25% of the total mark from ECMT3110. This assignment
assesses your ability to understand and critically appraise applied econometric
studies, to apply econometric methods to economic data, and potentially
to collaborate with fellow classmates. You may form a group up to two members;
Make sure all group members agree on the way how you coordinate and avoid freeriding
problems. All group members will receive the same mark for the project.
Alternatively, you may also finish the project by yourself.
Pick a paper from the list on Canvas for the project, where you may find the
links to the papers and data set. Read through the paper you select and make sure
you understand the paper; then review the paper and replicate the main results
of the paper. The final product of this applied project is a succinct and articulate
report. The report is expected to be typed, 1.5-line spaced and about 11 pages
(including references, tables and graphs with appropriate size). All the codes and
estimation outputs should be attached as the appendix to the report (not counted
into the page limit). Note: in case the authors provide a Stata do file, do NOT use
the file; you can learn from it though.
You are welcome to discuss the topic with me during the consultation.
Assessment criteria:
1. Review of the paper
(a) Research question: Explain why the research question is interesting or
important, and how the authors of the paper motivate the research question.
Do you think the author’s argument is convincing? [Note: always
provide sufficient explanation or argument for your answer to this kind
of questions.]
(b) Literature review: Give a short summary of literature cited in the paper
on the topic, and explain how the selected paper is connected to the
literature. Do you think the literature review in the paper is sufficient
and presented in an efficient way? Note: you may add new literature
references, especially for the papers published after the paper you select.
(c) Data: Explain how and from where the authors collect the data set.
If applicable, also explain the steps involved in preparing the data for
empirical analysis (e.g., data-cleaning, ways to handle missing data).
(d) Econometric models: Explain the econometric models used in the paper
and the assumptions explicitly or implicitly involved. Do you think the
econometric models are appropriate for the research question, that is,
could it be addressed by the proposed models?
(e) Empirical analysis: Explain the estimation methods and hypotheses testing
adopted by the authors. Do you think the estimators involved are
(f) Interpretation. Explain how the authors interpret the results. Do you
think the interpretation and the empirical answer to the research question
make sense to you?
(g) Issues and potential improvement: Do you detect any issues about the
paper, regarding the research question, literature review, data set, modeling
and estimation, and interpretation? Is there any way the paper may
be improved that is feasible.