Factual Situations No Jim Morrison Is A Salesman And I Corp Is The Manufacturer

FACTUAL SITUATIONS NO. 1 .Jim Morrison is a salesman and I Corp . is the manufacturer of Dimlex . Dillex is" Steroid that is designed to be used in the growing of table grapes . Specifically , DiMerwill boost the size of individual table grapes by 25 to 50%. Jim and D. Corp. agreed thatJim would act as a salesman for D. Corp. (not as an employee , but as an independentcontractory, and they signed a contract with the following Language in it .`" Jim Morrison desires to sell Diller for D. Corp . and I. Corp., desiresthat Jim Morrison sell Diller . Therefore , for valuable consideration , the parties`free. I’ll that Jim Morrison shall be paid Ten Percent ( 10% ; for all of his billings*on sales units of DiMer . and Iz ) payments on these sales shall be made every Twomonths for the previous two months in sales . "After two months Jim had sold 5 100, “` worth of Diller and was happy to see inhis mail delivery for that day " correspondence from Diller . He opened the letter , butinstead of’" check he saw a letter from Dimlex notifying him that the contract was mul!and void and that no payments would be made .Question : Jim decides to sue D. Corp. for breach of contract . [ Corp isdefending on the basis that the terms of the contract were so vague that noEnforceable contract was entered into . How would you rule on whether the TENIngwe’re too indefinite and Vague to be Enforceable*LIKE` HAVECITY V. Water (195^ ^IS C. A. 201 468`