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File Page 3 of3 Home Insert 339words m Design Layout References 2. 3. Flip-05’9“ Mailings Review View Help ,0 Tell me what you want to do Consider a small town that is sewed by two grocery stores, White and Gray.Each store must decide whether it will remain open on Sunday or whether it will closeon that day, Monthly payoffs for each strategy pair are as shown in the table below, Gray’s Ch aices Open Sundays Closed Sundays Open SundaysWhite’s $4000 Closed . $12.00!} $8,000 Sundays $2.000 $5.000 Which firm is the most profitable in this market?Does Gray have a dominant strategy? Is there a dominant equilibrium for both firms?Is the dominant equilibrium profit-maximizing? Is this an example of the prisoners‘ dilemma? Explain, A Tammie Owen E i3 Share 5′ Comments 100%