Financial Plan Project The Objective Of This Exercise Is To Get You Thinking Abo

Hi,How about $45 for the essay part you assist (” Page 1 is an executive summary, then a 3-4 page description of the plan” )? As I stated, this assignment is 4% of total grade. So, I don’t required a excellent done for this. If you agree, please make sure that your essay will be combined A), B), and C). And because I will create tables and graphs base on what you would write, please state them simply, clearly, and fully :).I would like to let you know my situation, then you can write base on those information or you can image other situation you want. However, my gender and age should not change :).These are information:- Female, 35 age years old- Married, a 6 years old son- my wage is $9/h from work-study only (temporary job and fund)- My husband wage: $40,000/year- Own a house, payment is $900/month (28 years rest- to July 2042)- No other liability.Kindly response.Thank you