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PART A Assignment Question As a recent graduate of Afin 867 you have been lucky enough to be offered a consulting opportunity at Qantas. They are keen to get a review of their International Financial Management activities. In this assignment you are required to review the International Financial Management of Qantas by completing the tasks listed below. Required The report should be structured in the following manner: • Executive Summary. This must clearly state the issues addressed, your findings and recommendations. (300 Words) – 2.5 Marks • Critical analysis of the current financial risk management tools used by Qantas. Financial risk management relates to the management of commodity, currency and interest rate risk. This should also include recommended improvements. (1000 Words) – 10 marks • Critical analysis of the funding used by Qantas. This should look at the types and sources of funding used. This should include any recommended improvements. (700 Words) – 7.5 Marks Any calculations should be contained in an appendix to the main report. Use of dot points is acceptable. The report and executive summary need to be of a high standard and contain persuasive but balanced arguments. • Presentation • Depth of Research • Quality of Analysis • Level of Persuasive Argument Any questions about the assignment should be addressed through the discussion board function in iLearn. Part B Between the weeks starting and 9 April and 14 May 2018 (taking into account the university break) there will be one forum per week you must contribute to (over 4 separate weeks). You are required to make two posts to each of the dedicated discussion forums for this assignment. One post should be an initial response to the facilitators question posed and the other should be a response to another students post. The facilitator for each forum will pose a trigger question. Students should try to post one new post and respond to one other. Each post should be between 50 to 200 words. These word limits will be strictly enforced. The postings should be original material and not cut and pasted from another source. The purpose of Section B is to improve your understanding of International Financial Management and assist you in completing section A. You will be assessed on your contributions to the discussion forum. The trigger questions will aim to make students critically think about International Financial Management issues. You will be awarded marks on a pro-rata basis if you do not make at least eight (8) postings. If you do not make any postings, you will not be awarded any marks for this section. Your posts should be based on your own research and analysis based on independent research, judgement and reasoning. After participating in these weekly discussions you are required to prepare a participation report based on your postings. Question 1: (2.5 marks) – 300 words In this section of the report you are required to analyse your postings. You are required to categorise the postings in the following manner: Evidence: Identify the different types of evidence you provided for the claims in your postings and present them in a table format. Evidence is defined as the way you supported and justified your claims. The three different categories of evidence are: • Evidence in literature — ideas or arguments from academic literature • Anecdotal evidence — observations from review of current practices or observation. • Reasoning — ideas or points of view that you have arrived at through logic and judgement. Explain why you have categorised each claim using the above criteria. Each post should be copied into the document with the analysis in a table adjacent to it. Posting of the posts is not included in the word count. Question 2 (200 Words) – 2.5 Marks Provide a brief analysis of what you learnt from the discussion forum process and the implications this will have for your future learning and work.