Firey Luciferese Is The Enzyme That Allows Reies Te Illuminate Their Ehdernehs B

Answer the question shown in the picture/file below.

Firefly luciferese is the enzyme that allows fireflies te illuminate Their ehdernehs. Because this lightgeneration is an ATP—requiring reaction, flrefly luciferese can he used to test for the presence cf ATP.In this 1Hey, luciferese can test for the presence ct life. The ceupled reectiens are 1. luciferin+flg .——‘ nxyluciferin+light2. ATP .=‘ M+PPi flG°=—31.fika/Iuel If The were“ AG“ ef the ceupled reactien is JED kamel , 1whet is the equilibrium censtent, K, efthe first reectien at1i] “C ?