First Proposal The Costs Outweigh The Benefits Of The United States Pulling Ou

first proposal – The costs outweigh the benefits of the United States pulling out of Syria as President Trump announced.  I will return your prospectus with my comments in class on Wednesday. You should start working on the next assignment which you will need to get to me by no later than  next Monday, February 25. This next assignment is to work on and write your updated thesis statement (one or two paragraphs). This should be titled Thesis Statement to   distinguish it from your Literature Review. Your thesis directly proposed what you will argue and what main reasons and arguments you will present in support of your thesis.   Your literature review summarizes the most important literature and opinions on your topic and explains to the reader the current debate on your topic, especially all sides  of the debate. It demonstrates the quality of your reading and research, and highlights the important books, articles, and standpoints on your topic.   The assignment should be 7 to 10 pages, you should have at a minimum 12 research sources, and a bibliography at the end.