For Extra Credit On The Unit 3 Writing Assignment You May Complete Any Of The Fo

For Extra Credit on the Unit 3 Writing Assignment, you may complete any of the following exercises from the textbook, Business Communication, 6th Edition. Each of the exercises will be worth 1-2% of extra credit on the writing assignment, for a maximum of 10% of Extra Credit on the Writing Assignment. Below, I have listed the exercises from each chapter that you may complete for extra credit. Please write the exercises as a Word Document and submit them with formatting and filenames according to the Syllabus.

Module 8

Question 8.10, #1, #7, #8, parts a-d on all

You may complete parts a-d on any/all of the three questions from 8.10 for 2% credit ea. (up to 6% total e.c.).

Module 12