For This Assignment You Will Present Organizational Structure Recommendations Fo

For this assignment, you will present organizational structure recommendations for your employer or for a different organization with which you are familiar. Choose an organization that is not yet global, and then prepare a 15-minute presentation using PowerPoint (about 15 slides) on your organizational structure recommendations (global, mixed, transnational, subsidiary, export, or others) and why you are making these recommendations. Be sure to incorporate concepts, such as communication or global strategy, from Units 1 and 2 into your presentation.

Please use the following layout for your PowerPoint presentation:

Slide Number Slide Topic

1 Title

2 Introduction of Selected Company

3 Review of Globalization and Impact on Selected Company

4 Review of Global Organizational Structure Type

5 Review of Mixed Organizational Structure Type

6 Review of Transnational Structure Type

7 Review of Subsidiary Structure Type

8 Review of Export Structure Type

9 Presentation and Justification of Selected Organizational Structure

10 Structure for Selected Company of Selected Organizational Structure

11 Potential Barriers to Implementation (e.g., Social, Cultural, Economic, Political, and Others)

12 Role of Operations Managers in Selected Structure

13 Corporate Social Responsibility in Selected Structure

14 Methods and Tools in Selected Structure (e.g., Capacity Planning, Quality Tracking, Forecasting

15 References

APA Format