For This Exercise You Are A Gis Consultant For The State Of California A State F

For this exercise you are a GIS consultant for the state of California. A state-funded medical clinic serving low-income families with children in the town of Santa Rosa in the Northern Bay area, needs to relocate to a larger location capable of servicing more clients  You have been asked to create a suitability map based on location and accessibility by existing and potential clients. The new location should meet the following criteria: should be near a high concentration of existing clients, within walking distance of a bus stop, and where there is a high percentage of potential clients (families with children under 5)  

Describe the area that is best suited to develop the medical clinic in 500 to 750 words. 

   Provide and analysis of why this is the best area and discuss the criteria that are most important in selecting the site. Identify one additional criterion that could have also been used to help determine site suitability. Explain how this additional criterion could aid in the analysis.  you can see the best areas on the attached map.