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This is an SAS programming assignment. Use the Snipping tool to include pictures of the code, log, and output for each question; insert those pictures under each question. All pertinent information is included in the document and in this post. Files necessary to complete the assignment are attached. 

1. Refer to CATS datasets.  Write a SAS program that reads in three separate SAS datasets from CATS1, CATS2, and CATS3 data.  Make two new variables which represent the GFR at week 0 for the treated kidney and the GFR at week 0 for the untreated kidney.  Print only the cats’ names and the two new variables, identified as “treated” or “untreated” (not “left or “right”).

2. Refer to SOCCER dataset.  Suppose that the team plans to go to Europe for some exhibition matches, and you need to send their hosts some information about the players.  Use a SAS program to convert the players’ heights to meters, then print the players’ first and last names, jersey numbers, and heights in meters.  For this question, list only 3 significant digits for the heights (example: 5 feet, 8 inches is equivalent to 1.73 meters).

3. There is a mistake in the HOCKEY dataset.  The Buckeyes lost to Boston College by a score of 5-2 in their last game.  Write a SAS program which reads the data from your USB and corrects the error with programming statements.  Read the month, day, and year as three separate numeric variables, and create a new variable for the date by using MDY command.  Print the revised dataset and use an appropriate format for the date.

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