Geneg1 121 Spring 2019 Homework 3 Write Your Name Course And Section Number And

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GENEG1 121 Spring 2019Homework # 3Write your name, course and section number, and date.Box all your answers. Convert in to single pdf file. No jpeg.Upload your work to eCourse before the due date and timeThere will be a penalty for late uploading.I.Determine the first derivative of following function:V(x) = (4×3 – 15)(3x* + 15x)II.Determine all possible derivatives of following functions.y(x) = (x2 – 1)(x2 + 2) (x2 – 3)III.An object is moving along x-axis. Its position in meters at time : in seconds is given byfollowing function.X(t) = t3 – 19.5 t2 + 120t – 230.75(a) Determine the velocity function(b) Determine the acceleration function(c) Determine time(s) when the velocity is zero.(b) Determine position, velocity, and acceleration at : = 6.5s?IV.Determine derivative of following functions.(a)V5-x3V4+x3(b)V2 + xz V3 – xz(c)(x2-4-4