Given The Data Below Calculate The Expected Return Variance And Standard Deviati

Given the data below, calculate the expected return, variance, and standard deviation of the following company.

In a recessionary economy, which is expected to occur with a 30% probability, the expected returns would be -5%.

In an expanding economy with an expected probability of occurrence of 20%, the expected return would be 10%.

In a normal economy expected to occur 50% of the time, the expected return would be 5%.

Economic state probability of state asset return A Recession 30% -5% Normal 50% 5% Boom 20% 10% Expected return(Er)-5*0.3+10*0.2+5*0.5=3 Variance =0.3 (-5-3) ^2 + 0.2*(10-3) ^2 + 0.5(5-3) ^2=…