Globalization Is An Interesting Concept Which Provides Both Beneficial And Adver

Globalization is an interesting concept, which provides both beneficial and adverse effects. Globalization is helpful to the world because it unites people under a single cause, such as international protests. However, globalization affects third world countries because it benefits larger countries and their economy. As globalization expands, I believe that strategy to involve smaller countries will be added. This seems unnecessary to some, but many weak countries have prime geography to natural resources.

The three perspectives and the critical theory can work together but still share a difference. If you recall, the book describes realists as the nationalist who values the world’s economy, the liberal as internationalist who wants absolute gains in the world’s economy, and the identity as the global developer who values the environment (Nau, 2017). The main difference is that the critical theory originates from history and the three perspectives do not. The critical theory states that the three perspectives fail to view the past when looking towards world development. If we evaluate globalization using the critical theory and the three perspectives, then you can see my realist perspective in the above paragraph. I am excited to see everyone else’s’ beliefs in globalization. Let me know your thoughts and what perspective best illustrates the future of globalization.

Nau, Henry R. Perspectives on International Relations: Power, Institutions, and Ideas, 6th           Edition. CQ Press, 20180130. VitalBook file.