Google Earth Assignment 3 Plate Tectonics Features Prepare A Powerpoint Prepare

Google Earth Assignment 3 – Plate Tectonics Features Prepare a PowerPoint Prepare a PowerPoint report that describes and explains five features associated with plate tectonics. USE THE TEXT DO NOT SEARCH THE WEB LOOKING FOR THESE FEATRUES (see last para. below). The PowerPoint should include: • Snapshots of features created by or associated with plate tectonics. o NOTE: To capture the current view of the Google Earth window you can:  Go to menu Edit>Copy Image (or CTRL+ALT+C) and then Paste into PowerPoint  To save current view as an image file, go to menu File>Save>Save Image and then insert file into PowerPoint • Use PowerPoint shapes (i.e. arrows) to annotate the snapshots to help indicate a particular tectonic feature or show plate movement. • In your own words, using good grammar, explain what the feature is and how it is associated with tectonic activities. The content of your PowerPoint presentation should include the following: • Snapshots of 5 features. Choose 5 different features from the list below: o Divergent Plate Boundary o Convergent Plate Boundary o Subduction Zone o Midocean Ridge o Hot Spots o Extrusive and Intrusive Volcanic Landforms (many types, specify which type) o Folding (several types, specify which type) o Faults (several types, specify which type ) • Location of the feature • Explanation of the cause of the tectonic feature Note: For ocean floor tectonic features, make sure that the menu choice View>Ocean Surface is not checked. Some pointers:  Notice that the example snapshot above is a fairly close view. Do not use snapshots taken from way above the Earth’s surface they may be meaningless or imprecise.  Use snapshots, not images taken from Google Earth’s “Tour Guide” function or Google Images.  Remember you can navigate Google Earth all the way to the ocean floor.  Make sure you give a full explanation of how the feature was formed (use the text).