Graded Assignment Defining A Nation Unit Test Part 2 Use The Following Question

Graded Assignment

Defining a Nation Unit Test, Part 2

Use the following question as a basis for writing a well-organized essay on the issues that helped define the nation from George Washington’s presidency to the Civil War. Submit the essay to your teacher by the due date to receive full credit.


 (50 points)

How did the following events and institutions help to define the United States as a nation?  In your answer, include information on at least five of the six points below.

• George Washington’s presidency

• The Louisiana Purchase

• The Supreme Court

• Reform movements

• Jacksonian Democracy

• The Civil War and Reconstruction

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Defining a Nation Unit Test, Part 2 There were numerous occasions and establishments that had characterized the United Statesas a nation. To say a couple that had an extraordinary effect: George…