Hello Can I Get An Answer For This Question 3 Critical Chain Scheduling Consider

hello can i get an answer for this

Question 3. Critical Chain SchedulingConsider the following network diagram informationTaskPredecessorDuration (weeks)A3BA5 (4)CA4 (3)DB1EC, D2(a)Draw any network diagram which shows the precedence relationship and Identify the critical path and the length of it.(b)Suppose that the task B and task C are performed by the same resource (only one unit), and it has been decided that the task B is going to be conducted earlier than the task C – this creates a new precedence relationship between B and C due to the resource. The new duration by the single unit is 4 and 3 for B and C, respectively. Now identify the critical path again here – This new critical path may be called a critical chain if we assume that this reduced task duration is very aggressive compared to previous task durations.(c)Consider the new critical path obtained in part (b) as a critical chain. Then, draw a network diagram to show the critical chain with project buffer(s) and feeding buffer(s) – you do not need to describe the duration of buffers.