Hello Class Please Read The Case Study And Answer The Questions Listed Below Sub

Hello Class,

Please read the case study and answer the questions listed below. Submit your responses in a word document.

Chapter 11 CASE STUDY (p. 551) 

A health professional working at a mid-sized hospital identified a leadership opportunity to provide training to other hospital staff in trauma-informed care. The health professional works on an interdisciplinary team including occupational therapy, nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, medicine, pharmacy, and social work among other disciplines. Team members come from a variety of backgrounds with a mix of newer practitioners and those who have years of experience. The health professional educator has some limited experience with lecturing but worries that team members might begin to lose interest during an hour-long presentation.  From personal experience, the health professional knows that past presentations have often not been very engaging, typically with fifteen team members crammed into a small lunchroom. A major objective of the presentation will be preparing team members to begin to incorporate trauma-informed care into their work. The health professional considers how to support other team members in achieving this objective.

  1. Discuss the advantages and limitations of lecture versus group discussion as teaching methods for this session. Could these two methods be successfully combined? How?
  2. To encourage team members to actively participate in the presentation, which other teaching methods can be used?
  3. Common variables are known to affect the selection of teaching methods, such as the size and diversity of the audience, learners’ needs and learning style preferences, the content to be taught, the setting, the resources available, and the educator’s comfort with the teaching method. Select three variables and explain how they might influence which teaching method is selected.
  4. State three general principles (basic rules or key strategies that are effective for teaching across methodologies) that can be applied to this particular learning opportunity.