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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Communication in Business Ch 7-9. It needs to be at least 500 words. Communication in Business Ch. 7-9 al Affiliation: Communication in Business Ch. 7-9 The most common types of electronic messages used in business today are emails, instant messages, text messages, blogging and micro-blogging, podcasting, online videos, and social networking (Thill, & Bovée, 2013). All electronic messages should be written concisely and with maximum transparency since they help in achieving significant aims such as sharing of information, solving problems, and gathering market intelligence. Electronic messages should be brief, clear and should observe etiquette. Before composing an electronic message, factors such as audience, purpose and scope should be observed. Positive messages should be well organized, clear, courteous, and adaptable to the audience. It should be proofread to ensure it is free from errors. All claims made in goodwill and congratulation messages should be professional, polite and sincere. In negative messages, the purpose of the message should be straightforward clearing stating the negative message (Thill, & Bovée, 2013). The reasons for the negative message should immediately follow the stated negative message and should maintain high standards of respect. Negative messages that touch on routine business matters should follow an indirect approach. All the negative messages should end in a positive and respectful note.

The Accounting department in any business is intrinsic, and it calls for excellent communication skills. The accounting department requires communicating to other departments using electronic messages. Besides, internal communication in the accounting department also demands good communication skills. Electronic messages are useful since they are fast and most of them prompt instant replies. Therefore, it is necessary for every person in the accounting department to have excellent skills in writing electronic messages. Important accounting tasks such as budget preparations and reporting require communication between different departments. Such communication demands require appropriate use of electronic messages. The accounting department can communicate meaningful information to the management through electronic media. Summarized accounting information sent from the accounting department can help the management make quick decisions. For example, the senior accountant may require updating the human resource department instantly on the availability of funds. Such communication can be easily done using various electronic media messages. Investors require a continuous update on the financial status of the company. It is the role of the accountant to communicate this information to them. Electronic media messages may prove t b very effective due to speed and convenience. The accounting department communicates with suppliers and customers of an organization. Details concerning transactions between these parties can be conveniently sent using electronic messages. Such messages could be positive or negative. Excellent skills in writing positive and negative electronic messages are thus essential to ensuring that a positive and ethical business relationship is maintained.

Enterprise rent a car is a perfect example where sending of electronic messages is highly used. The company has built a system where the customers communicate with the company through emails and text messages. Customer’s make inquiries on car hiring and even book cars using electronic messages. This is backed up by the effective sending of electronic messages. Information on car malfunctioning is also sent through electronic messages. Starbucks is effective in the use of social networking. Their Twitter handle and Facebook pages are highly active. The company communicates important information by effectively utilizing skills in composing and sending electronic messages.


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