Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Compare And Contrast Two S

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Compare and contrast two social media websites, for example Facebook and Twitter, in terms of use and functions provided. It needs to be at least 1000 words. The internet has become a major platform for socialization through several social sites available these days. Some of the social sites available include Facebook, twitter, Instagram, whatsapp and 2go. Through these sites, the world has been reduced into a small location where people easily interact and share what they have. Though they are of advantage of bringing people together to share constructive views and news, social sites have been in criticization for bringing up bad vices to the community. Some user may become addicted to social sites and chats until they become antisocial. They are a major revolution in the current century.

The information about the social sites and their effects comes from the general understanding of the functioning of the sites and their seen effects on daily human life. The work is a combination of daily experiences with research works from libraries both virtual and physical. A real life example is also an inclusion in the work. The effects analyzed herein are trivial to some extend but they do affect the comfort ability of users and the site’s reputation in general.

From the research, it was found and the researchers came to conclusion that Facebook is the most widely used social platform. It has a membership of about 1.15billion users worldwide. The result for this discovery was because Facebook was found to provide more customization options and was less official. During the research, several analyses on the contents from the sites were made and it came to conclusion that more than 2.95billion pieces of information are available for sharing daily on the platforms. Social vices were also in notification during the study. Some of the vices did include cyber bullying and this, as was discovered latter, was a vice mostly from teenagers. Below is a fact box that shows a summary of some of the data and facts that were under study during the research.