Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Cultural And Critical Pers

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Cultural and Critical Perspectives of Rock-N-Roll. It needs to be at least 2000 words. These mediums of expressions have in fact acted as a form of self realization, expression of resentment and extreme grievances meted out to these societies.

Rock and Roll was highly influenced by its African origin and prevalent racial discrimination of blacks in America at the time. Though soul music and the early Rock and Roll music artists were popular and enjoyed by a large section of the African American community, it faced a grueling political apathy and hatred of so called civilized grown-up Americans. This hatred was often reflected in the early Rock and Roll music and it resurfaces even today in various performances though subtlety has taken precedents.

This paper will explore the evolution of Rock and Rolls genre from the time of Blues or Rhythms and Blues and analyze how established record and broadcasting industry, the rise of rhythm and blues music and subsequently Rock and Roll were affected by racial indifferences of the society of that time. The paper will also discuss the various artists and piece of musical works that shaped Rock and Roll during the early 1950s and how they have shaped today’s Rock and Roll.

The fact that rock ‘n’ roll has its roots in a long slavery systems make it mandatory to know what slavery system was and how it could have been an origin of a popular music genre for understanding the impact of racism. Slavery system had left a generation of Africans who were not aware of their origin and even did not know much about American culture. The origin of Rock and Roll from slavery provides insight in the charm of the genre. Rock and roll is an African-American hybrid. It represents the transition or a desire of transition from the very suffering, and fight of survival out of generations of servitude to freedom of expression and soul as flouted by American white society.

Rhythms of genre, use of extraordinary vocals and claps as a part of music, that indicate a strong linkage to African culture, provide a distinctive identity to Rock and Roll. Though the Rock and Roll can be culturally linked back to slavery, it adds a lot of elements local white American music. White America slowly discovered the endearing, inspiring musical heritage that had become central to African Americans’ lives, and, establishing a tradition that is practiced to this day, began to imitate and adapt black music (Townsend, 1997).

Origin of Rock and Roll is generally traced back to late 1940s and early 1950s. It has assimilated Blues, Country music, R&B, Folk music, and Gospel music styles of that time. Though the term Rock and Roll was first coined by Alan Freed in 1951 to describe a mixer of both black and white music, a similar kind of music style was already present in 1920s and 30’s music form used by African community in America, which was generally categorized as race music or black music. The creation of first true Rock and Roll song is attributed to Joe Turner, a black blues artist, who sang, “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”.

Racial Discrimination

During the heights of racial discrimination radio stations refused to play music by a black singers and parents advised their Childs not to listen this music. Schools were teaching the students against the evils of black music.