Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Effectiveness Of Pre Emplo

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Effectiveness of Pre-Employment Screening in the Prevention of Staff Dishonesty. It needs to be at least 500 words. However, some of the studies suggest that in certain cases pre-employment screening does not proves to be a very effective tool to stop staff dishonesty. there are other variables responsible for the occurrence of dishonesty amongst the staff. So the underlying research questions here are:

The sources used for this study shall be the scholarly articles on the previous related studies. Moreover, an in depth study of the profiles of the organizations shall be made which have been subjected to staff dishonesty. Investigations shall be made into their pre-employment screening programs.

Generally speaking staff dishonesty can be defines as “any intentional behaviour on the part of an organisational member viewed by the organisation as contrary to its legitimate interests” (Gruys and Sackett 2003). This phenomenon of staff dishonesty could be because of various reasons. For example, “job dissatisfaction can be an explaining variable for some acts of staff dishonesty. Staff who are unhappy with their working environment or circumstances have been shown to be much more likely to offend” (Mangione and Quinn, 1975) . or it might be beacsuse, “staff who are under external financial pressures, such as high levels of personal debt may be inclined to steal from their employers to ease their financial burden” (Merton, 1938). Other than this studies have shown that opportunity is the key to understanding why some staff engage in deviant behavior (Astor, 1972).

So the basic framework that these research findings suggest is that there are certain basic or imperative causes that underline the behavior of staff dishonesty and furthermore certain procedures that organizations deploy in their pre-employment screening to rule out the individuals who might be prone to criminal activities might actually prevent staff dishonesty.