Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Find A Research Based Arti

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Find a research based article in a business journalsand appraise the methodology employed and the. It needs to be at least 500 words. Running head: Appraisal of Research Techniques Article under Review Managing the development of technology-based s success factors from eight government training courses by Kurt Rowley, Acquisition Review Quarterly. (2003) Retrieved August 10, 2006

Prepare a paper which evaluates the use of the scientific method in an actual research paper. Find a research based article in a business journal and appraise the methodology employed and the interpretation of the studys result and conclusion


In modern businesses, increasing standards, automation, and technologies have led to vast amounts of data becoming available. Modes and techniques of handling Business matter have been completely changed in this era of science and technology. This essay will make an appraisal of different methods Business research using scientific techniques. Primarily analyzing the business information through a set of processes can be termed as market research. It involves the use of technology for obtaining the desired information from these processes. Basic purpose of acquiring information by any organization is to assess the business environment, carry out marketing research, make sales forecasting and conduct competitor analysis. Various technologies and methodologies are used for collecting and saving the information in easily accessible format. This data is frequently used for making correct and timely decisions for enhancing the profitability. (“Business Planning,” 2005).


The article under review is “Managing the development of technology-based courses success factors from eight government training courses” written by Rowley, Kurt published in Acquisition Review Quarterly. January 2003. In this article primary research techniques are employed to “determine success factors identified in traditional higher education distance learning research literature were important to technology-based course development” (Kurt, 2003)

The researcher started the article by giving brief background of the subject and then reviewed the literature with accredited and authentic citations. Primary research methods of data collection were used by adopting qualitative methodology. Various formats of guided interviews were designed for primary data collection. The interview were designed in such way so that exploration process may become easier, the interview question were prepared in the light of literature review and objectives of the research.. The interviews were conducted directly for gathering more reliable data. The interview methodology was properly ratified by involving two researchers at initial stage afterwards one researcher conducted interviews. (Kurt, 2003)

After collecting primary data and reviewing literature the data was analyzed systematically in the light of prior knowledge and in accordance with the aims and objectives of the research. Discussion is the next step in research-based articles after collected data, its analysis and a primitive conclusion discussion is most important aspect of research. In this portion the research results are finalized and similarities and disparities are separated. It helps in arriving at a correct conclusion and forwarding workable recommendations. After making recommendation keeping in view the research objective the articles ends in a concluding passage. The conclusion briefly reviews the objectives, literature review, methodologies, results and recommendations. The research paper does not end at conclusion normally. But it contains excerpts from research data like interviews or questionnaires etc.


Research based articles should address all the aspects as it did in the article under review. It should contain proper methodology, primary or secondary methods of data collection may be used. The research article can use qualitative or quantitative methods of research according to the requirements of subject. These articles can provide very useful and advantageous edge for a business, and in many cases the business logic of adopting this analysis technology is undeniable.

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