Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Fundraising Game Promotion

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Fundraising Game Promotion Tournament: Business Growth and Sustainability. It needs to be at least 1750 words. For the make an impact week, the team was set the task of creating an idea to generate funds for charity during university time. The team decided to hold a Fifa 12 tournament as its project. It had to promote and market the idea around campus and raise money for a charity at the end of the week. The group carried out the task efficiently and met all its objectives, which were set at the start of the Make an impact week. The basis for the idea worked well in terms of generating quick profit with a low starting up cost, which was its main advantage. Make an impact week was intended to develop strategies for establishing a business idea that would attain and maintain realistic growth. The team held a tournament aimed to increase sales of Fifa 12 tickets as fast as market conditions would allow. The project emphasized the focus of strategic planning that enables a business to grow forward. This focus includes public relations, public image, labor relations, advertising and promotion, political lobbying and flowing with the stream (Daems, 2006, p. 157). The Product – Fifa 12 Fifa 12 is a game that is fun, competitive and socially interactive. It was a feasible idea for fundraising as it brought people together without trying too hard. The idea of the FIFA tournament was arrived at after thorough&nbsp.discussions and consultations. Careful planning was needed to prepare the business for the future (Mercer, 1991, p. 17). The team held a tournament, which was a great success, owing to a good business idea coupled with an agile workforce and incredible management. To generate more profit, the team offered other products to the customers during the actual event. The team worked efficiently by assigning individual tasks to its members. This minimized wastage of time and enhanced coordination. Planning would have been impossible without a general knowledge of the business and its structure (Bing, 1996, p. 68).

The business is a partnership of seven. This boosts the business as it fosters the sharing of ideas and workload. It also means that the members are neither too many as to inhibit&nbsp.

The business found it ideal to use the goal setting model in establishing its objectives. The goal setting model indicates the interrelationship between motivation to work and job satisfaction (Curtis, 1994, 41).