Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Tax In General It Needs To

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Tax in general. It needs to be at least 500 words. Tax in General Governments have used tax funds carry out various functions throughout history. From war expenditures,to the enforcement of law and order, economic infrastructure, property protection, social engineering, public works and for the funding of the governments operations tax provides the necessary funds for the efficient running of the government. Most of the governments today use the funds acquired to fund public services and welfare. This can include services such as health and education systems, unemployment benefits and public transport. This paper focuses on discussing the advantages and disadvantages of government taxes.

There are many forms of tax, and they vary in the tax rates. This difference in the types and rates of tax is for the distribution of the tax burden among many individuals and classes that exist in the population. These individuals are involved in various businesses and taxable activities in history the noble people were supported by the taxes that were imposed on the poor people, in the modern social settings, the taxes are intended for the support of the poor people, the retired and the disabled people, this is managed through the taxation of the working class individuals. Some countries use tax to fund military and foreign aid, and influencing the macroeconomic performance of the economy (Smith et al 56).

The taxation system of any country or nation is a reflection of the communal values and the value of those in power. The government in determining the distribution of the taxes must make a critical choice and who is eligible for taxation. The government also has to determine how the tax collected will be utilized. In most democratic nations, the people elect members of the tax system who are in charge of the system. The choices made reflect the community, which the public wishes to create (Smith et al 90).

The public is often dissatisfied with the way the government utilizes the funds collected fro taxation. Taxes that levied for the funding of government projects and programs are deviated later to the general government funds. In the other case, the taxes are collected using inefficient methodologies that leave the public dissatisfied (Hopkins 37).

Taxation creates distortion in the market and these results in economic inefficiency. Other individuals argue that most, if not all, forms of taxations are immoral. This is because they are involuntary in nature and an individual does not have the option of forfeiting taxation. This is considered tax fraud and can lead to imprisonment (Hopkins 35).

Taxation forms the basic and the most fundamental way for governments to get funds. These funds are then used for the benefit of the country, though taxation may have some disadvantages, they are minimal when compared to the advantages of taxation. It is through taxation that governments fund public education, provide health care to the poor, and undertake projects that will lead to economic development. Taxation is essential to all countries, and individuals should appreciate the work done through the funds attained from taxation. Taxes may cut the income that an individual earns, but collectively this tax enables the government to deliver services, which its citizens cannot provide for themselves. Everyone should embrace tax and pay it when eligible for their benefit.

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