Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On A Report Regarding The Logis

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on A report regarding the logistics activities of an organization or of a business of your choice. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

ds, the management of Food Basics has made some excellent strategic decisions, and these will be outlined as a model of what can be done to deliver good quality low- and high-end products to a consumer seeking budget solutions.

In particular, the management’s ability to anticipate trends in the food market is outlined, with both canola oil and olive oil shown as evidence of the success of the company’s plans. Similarly, the advantage of aligning with larger companies, and taking advantage of their systems and economic power are described as they relate to this food chain. Finally, the decision to restrict the chain’s expansion across to wide an area is examined to show that distribution and costing difficulties can be effectively addressed with good planning.

In order to understand the particular challenges of the food retail business environment thoroughly, a good place to start is by examining the logistics activities of a supermarket chain. By focusing on a business of this nature, it is possible to establish how a business is able to create a profitable record by effective logistics and concentration on delivery of desirable products in a “no-fuss” way, and at competitive prices, to the average consumer.

In Ontario, Canada, a particularly well-known and widely supported brand of supermarket is the Food Basics stores. The stores offer lower cost products across a wide range of products, with particular focus on foodstuffs. National and international brands are carried as well as private in-store brand labels, and offered in 117 stores across Ontario. (Food Basics website, 2012) Food Basics is owned by Metro, Inc. a major Canadian food and pharmaceutical company, which also owns Metro, Metro Plus, and Super C brands. (Metro Inc. website, 2012)

The central topic of this paper is the logistical activities involved in the retail sale of vegetable oil by Food Basics. Within the wider examination of “logistics” Demand Forecasting, Quality Control and