Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On An Editorial Internship It N

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on An Editorial Internship. It needs to be at least 500 words.

After a prolonged negotiation, the human resource department agreed to raise her rate from $12 to $20.

The parties involved in a negotiation need to learn the relevant negotiation skills and debunk the various myths associated with negotiations. In her case, Janice knew and recognized her potential. Though the pay was higher than most internship opportunities, Janice was not afraid to seek better recognition. She aimed for a high of $35 an hour and landed on an acceptable $20 per hour. Her ability to avoid the tendency of satisficing and instead of optimizing her strategies by setting higher standards indicates that Janice is an excellent negotiator.

Janice avoided the four shortcomings that inhibit effective negotiation. The first shortcoming is known as the lose-lose negotiation that happens when neither party recognizes and capitalizes on their potential. The other situation is settling for too little that is also referred to as the “winner’s curse” where one party ends up with a minuscule share. Another shortcoming is walking away from the negotiation table due to the rejection of the other party’s terms. The final shortcoming is the agreement bias and occurs when negotiators reach agreements not as good as the available alternatives. In her negotiations, Janice illustrates the value for effective negotiation skills.

The time and effort taken to prepare for a negotiation are crucial in ensuring the success of the negotiating parties. The negotiator can realize the importance of the preparation time by analyzing some of the things one needs to achieve through the negotiation. The negotiator attains a maximized aspiration since all aspects are considered. In the example, Janice took the time to realize what she needed to earn while working in the said company. She knew that the pay was higher than what her colleagues received and how to counter the offer.&nbsp.