Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Angloamerican Critical Analy

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on AngloAmerican: Critical analyses of the Companys Segmental Report and Financial Risk disclosures. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

The Anglo American Group’s segments have been lined up with the arrangement of the business units according to its core commodities. There is management team for every business unit that must report to the Chief Executive. The Kumba Iron Ore, Samancor business units as well as Iron Ore Brazil have been integrated as the iron ore and manganese segment according to the final product produced. It can be identified that the assets that have been recognised for divestment are treated as a separate business unit. The other segments of the company such as mining and industrial segment are demonstrated as a separate segment. The main task of the group’s executive committee is to assess the financial performance of the company. They are also responsible to examine the group’s segments with exceptional indication to operating profits ‘before special items’ as well as remeasurements. The revenues by the segments are generated as follows: platinum: platinum group metals. copper and nickel: base metals. iron ore and manganese: iron ore, manganese and alloys. thermal coal: thermal coal. other related mining and industrial: heavy building materials, zinc and steel products (Anglo American Plc, 2010).

The segmental report is considered as effective, if it has disclosed adequately sales revenues, results, assets, capital additions, depreciations, equity method income, non cash expenses other than depreciation and basis of inter-segment pricing and liabilities. A segmental report is considered as good if it effectively discloses a segment’s revenues, results, operating profits and losses, assets and liabilities. It can be observed that Anglo American’s annual report has effectively presented segmental report.

At the onset, the segment’s total revenues and operating profits need to be studied in detail. The figure below makes the study easier. It can be analysed that the